Useful Resources

Panning For Gold:Find Your Best Donor Prospects Now!"™

Panning For Gold:Find High-Net-Worth Prospects Now!™

Helpful Resources for New Jersey Nonprofits:

Support Center/Partnership in Philanthropy
Dedicated to increasing the effectiveness of nonprofit leaders and their organizations.

The Center for Non-Profit Corporations
Provides advocacy, services, research and membership benefits to New Jersey’s charitable groups.

The Council of New Jersey Grantmakers
Acts as a voice for philanthropy in the state of New Jersey and as a synergist among and between New Jersey’s public and private sectors to promote effective philanthropy.

Recommended Partners

The Prospect Finder LLC partners with several strategic organizations to complement and enhance our solutions. We choose partner companies very carefully where synergies are at the highest level. Please see a sampling below of The Prospect Finder partner base.